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Dague Komons

dague komon
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The Komon daggers were designed to be displayed, each one next to an ancient dagger belonging to the Musée des Beaux Arts in Dijon. They are made of organic damascus steel, a new process of damascus steel production that I invented in 2008.
They are streamlined in form, in one solid bar of steel, with an abundant motif which appears on the extremity of the object... This piece was awarded the prize for “Intelligence of the hand” by the Bettencourt Foundation in 2011.

Vignette 1 : Organic damascus steel, faraway mountain motif, 750 pieces
Vignette 2 : Komon 4 Acier damassé organique 700 pièces, motif grêle
Vignette 3 : Komon 3. Acier damassé organique 700 pièces, motif grêle